Earn Big Rewards With The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card From Chase

Get a head start on the next journey with the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase

Some people say that nothing in life is free, well with the Marriott Premier Rewards Card you will find that a lot of rewards come about as close to free as you can get. Right off the bat, new card owners will earn 30,000 Rewards points, just for using the card for the first time. That is redeemable for up to 4 nights free stay, just for making your first purchase with your Marriott Premier Card. The Premier status of this particular credit card makes this hotel rewards credit card extra valuable, as the rewards and other account features only improve.

Take advantage of No Annual Fee for the first year with this hotel rewards credit card from Chase. New card owners will also earn an additional free 7,500 rewards points, which is the equivalent of another free nights stay just for opening your Marriott Rewards Premier Card account. In fact, you will earn this reward once every year on your account anniversary date. In addition to the rewards program, this travel rewards credit card also offers great travel benefits, as well as access to the Marriott Rewards Elite membership program.

Without a doubt there is some big-time incentive just for signing up for this credit card, but there's also incentive to purchase with this card because of the boosted rewards for Premier account status. You will earn 1 Reward Point for every $ 1 that you spend with this card, and earn double (2x) points when you use your card on air travel, car rentals, and even restaurant purchases. When you use your Marriott Premier Card at any participating Marriott location you will earn (5X) rewards points. These points are not just redeemable for free hotel visits, but can also be redeemed for air travel, all sorts of upgrades, and other rewards when you spend with the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase.

In addition to the rewards program this account offers, card owners will also have access to Marriott Rewards Elite Membership Status. There are different levels of Elite account status, and they all come with a number of excellent card member perks. To gain entry into Elite Silver Membership Status, you must earn a total of 10 Elite Night Credits with your Marriott Rewards Credit Card. You can earn Elite Night Credits by doing either of the following:

1 Credit every time you "Pay and Stay" at any participating Marriott or Ritz Carlton hotel.
1 Credit earned for every $ 3,000 in spending

Once you earn ten Elite Night Credits, you'll qualify for Elite Silver Membership Status, which is the first level of Elite Status.

Elite Silver Status:
20% Bonus on Marriott Rewards Points
Elite Only Rewards
Elite Reservations
One of a kind Guest Services
Priority and Late Checkout Available

Elite Gold Status
All benefits available to Silver Elite Members
Guaranteed Room and Room Type
Upgraded Rooms Available
Lounge Access
Free Continental Breakfast
Complimentary Internet Access, Local Phone, and Fax

Elite Platinum Status
All Combined Benefits of Gold and Silver Elite Membership Account Status
48-Hour Guaranteed availability
Platinum Elite Members Arrival Gift
Dedicated Platinum Reservation Line

Other Important Account Info:

There is no annual fee for the first year for this hotel rewards card, however, after your first year there will low-annual fee of $ 65per year. The balance transfer fee is either $ 5, or 3% of your total balance transfer amount whichever is higher. Cash advance is the same with a minimum of $ 10. Using your card abroad will cost you a 3% foreign transaction fee, and there is also the pretty standard $ 35 fee for returned or late payments.

Right now the APR for this card is at 14.24% for all purchases and balance transfers. The cash advance rate is 19.24%. There are also some penalty rates and fees that any new applicable should be aware of. As with any rewards credit card, be sure to check all terms and conditions before you apply. If you apply now you start taking advantage of all the great rewards the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase can provide.

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