Erasing Bad Credit by Myself

A lot of people are not sure if they can erase negative entries on their credit and restore their credit rating to a good one. Well there is good news, you can! What makes this possible are the laws that govern your credit report.

There are specific laws in terms of what goes on your report and how long it can stay there. The key to cleaning up your report is understanding how to deal with the main credit agencies. You want to start by obtaining a copy of your three main credit reports from Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

Items that are negative could be different on each report so you first want to find out which reports have negative items. When going through the process of erasing bad credit from your credit report, most of what you will be writing letters to the credit bureaus and in some cases the creditor that owns the account on your report.

It is common for a lot of people to find that there are even items on their report that should not be there for one reason or another. Examples would include old and outdated accounts as well as mistakes on credit reports as well.

The process of having your credit rating restored and improved will largely depend on your efforts. You would need to be diligent in your efforts and know that a better credit rating is possible. Many hundreds of thousands of people have been able to successfully clean up their report and so can you.

Source by Tony Banks

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