Experian Personal Credit Report – Phone and Address

Many consumers know that they have a credit score that is used to calculate what kind of car loan they are qualified to obtain. However, a great many also don’t know that this figure is formulated from their credit history and is basically a composite number — the average of all 3 credit reporting bureaus. These firms all employ a unique algorithm to determine a 3 digit number between 350 and 800. As the number goes higher on the scale, a consumers ratings goes up as well. That is why there are more advertisements in the media, advising people to obtain a free personal credit report. By obtaining this document and analyzing it thoroughly it is possible to find erroneous data that has been reported about their finances.

One of the 3 main credit reporting bureaus is Experian. Their toll free contact number is 1 888 397 3742, and contact mailing address is Experian, PO Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013. Both of these methods are valid ways to obtain a copy of your own personal payment history. This company also advises consumers to order this once per calendar year. There are a number of simple ways to improve this rating, including paying all bills online if possible. In this way, a statement or payment can’t get lost in the mail and the charges are deducted straight from the bank account. There are no bounced checks or waiting for them to clear.

The most important part of any credit score calculation is how many late or missed payments are made by a consumer. These make up about 1/3 of the total and will stay on the report for 7 years, even if there are no other items for this length of time. Only time will fix this problem, not a financial service that promises a quick end to those financial hardships.

As the credit score increases, a consumer is able to get lower interest rates and credit cards with lower annual fees. These 2 perks are reserved for customers who are a good risk. That is, the companies offering their credit services are betting on the fact that these people pay on time, every time. This is why it is important to stay within a budget and pay bills on time. By establishing, and maintaining a good payment history, most people can get exactly what they want out of their life.

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