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Did you are entitled to your own Federal Credit Report? maybe not? Over 75% of Americans don't even know what their Credit Score is! and a further 20% have never even seen their Score! If you want to be smart when applying for a loan then it's essential to get your Report and get answers to your questions.

I've heard o the Fail Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) what does it do and what are my rights?

It applies to any personal or family household debts. This might include any money owed for the purchase of a house, car, or medical care. This also includes Credit Cards or other Charge Accounts. FDCPA makes it illegal for debt collectors from engaging in any unfair or deceptive practices during collection of these kind of debts. Any abusive practices is also illegal.

Some of your rights that falls under the (FDCPA) include:

Debt Collectors cannot be untruthful when collecting any debt records. For example: falsely implying that you may have committed an actual crime.

Debt Collectors need to stop contacting you. Provided you have asked them to in writing.

Debt Collectors must not make contact with you at work if they know your employer disapproves.

Debt Collectors must not harass, or stop you saying something or try to abuse you in any way.

Debt Collectors must not contact you at only a time period of between 8 am and 9 pm

Debt Collectors cannot identify themselves to you at all, while on the phone.

Who Has The Right To View My Federal Credit Report?

If someone has a legitimate business need then they can get access to your Report, including your Credit Score.

The criteria for doing so must include the following:

Any Insurance companies.

They are considering granting you credit.

Employers and potential employers (but only with your consent).

Companies with which you have a credit account for account monitoring purposes.

People considering your application for a Government license or a benefit.

A state or even a local Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA).

A Government Agency but information that is limited usually to your name, address, former addresses and any current or former employers.

Any Debt Collectors.

Your Landlords.

Because a recent change tot eh Federal Credit Reporting Act you are now legally
entitled to get a copy of your Report. There are only 3 nationwide consumer reporting companies.

Your Report – Free Nation Wide Reporting
A recent amendment to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies:

1. Equifax

2. Experian

3. TransUnion

Under US law they have to provide you with a free copy of your credit report You can request for one only once every 12 months.

Hopefully this article has answered some of your questions regarding Federal Credit Report, feel free to respond with any comments of questions, tips or advice.

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