Ford Windstar Check Engine Light

Trying to get that Check Light off on your Ford? If your "Service Engine Soon" or "Service Vehicle Soon" light is on, you have found the right place. Check Engine lights can be a dig deal and could very expensive if not diagnosed properly. Check Engine lights can come on for hundreds of different reasons, mostly do to emissions related problems. Our Certified Ford technicians are trained to look for specific problems that cause the MIL (Malfunction indicator light) to illuminate.

Lets take a Ford Windstar for example. The check engine light is on and the customer wants to diagnose and fix the problem himself. The parts guy at the local hardware store retrieves an EGR code "P0401" diagnostic emission code in the computer while plugging in a scan tool at the diagnostic connector. (Exhaust Gas Recirculation flow was too low during EGR flow test). So the parts guy sells the customer an EGR valve thinking he just saved the customer a lot of time and money by not having to go through a repair shop. The customer races home and installs the new EGR on the Ford Windstar and clears the code. A few days go by and the check engine light is back on with the same code and the customer is back at the auto store giving the parts guy an ear full. The nice parts guy behind the counter simply warranties the EGR valve after confirming the same code has come back on in the computer and the customer heads back home to reinstall the new EGR valve again.

Again, a few days later the Check Engine light pops back on with the same code in the computer. This time the customer is fed up and goes on line to find some information regarding this concern on his Windstar. He stumbles across our Ford section on our web site and requests his question. A Technician quickly responds back and informs him about the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) about the DPFE (Digital Pressure Feedback EGR) sensor is not working properly in the EGR system causing the EGR Code to reappear. The job of the DPFE sensor is to tell the computer the amount of EGR flow. On this particular Windstar the DPFE sensor was not responding to the EGR flow because telling the computer there was low exhaust gas flow when in fact there was plenty. After getting the correct information on how to diagnose and replace the DPFE sensor, the customer is extremely happy with the information provided to him through our web site and has since returned numerous times to our site for other questions regarding his Ford Windstar.

If this EGR flow code P0401 was diagnosed properly, the owner of the Windstar would have saved himself time, money and most importantly a headache! Our trained staff is ASE certified in all areas. Yes, even emissions! We Specialize in Check Engine lights on all year make and model Fords! Do not be shy, ask a question!

Source by Derrick O'Gorman

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