Format For Writing a Newspaper Article

Writing articles for newspaper is such a rewarding experience as you can share information to thousands of people. If your articles are of high quality, you can potentially make a living by sinking your teeth into this endeavor. Before you can make that happen, you will need to learn how to write newspaper articles using the correct format.

1. Headline. This is the part where you tell your readers what your topic is all about. You can use your headlines to draw more attention by making them punchy and very descriptive. Your target readers must have a solid idea about the gist of your content by just looking at your headlines.

2. Byline. This is the part where you include your name as the author of your article. Just beneath this part, you can indicate the date when the article was published.

3. First paragraph. This is the most important paragraph when writing newspaper articles. Thus, it must be well-written, highly informative, and content-rich. Your readers must find all the important information in this part. You must also be able to answer all the questions that they might have in mind.

4. Succeeding paragraphs. Depending on the data that you have gathered, you can use your succeeding paragraphs to present supporting data and quotes from key people involved in your chosen topics.

5. Additional information. This one is optional. If you are writing an article as a follow up on the news that you have reported in the past, you should give your readers background information. This can help in promoting better understanding.

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