Free Credit Report – No Credit Card

If you are looking for a free credit report with no credit card required, you maybe shocked by what you find online. This is a typical scenario that has happened to many customers. You search using a search engine like Google to find 'free credit report'. A number of promising websites appear that say that you can get access to your report for nothing. But when you try to proceed, you are asked for your credit card details.

Why am I being asked for my credit card details if this is a free service? The reason is simple. Most of the companies that are online are offering a credit report monitoring service. They will give you access to your credit files that are held by each of the three big credit bureaus. For this they charge a monthly fee. But to entice you in, they will usually advertise a month's free trial.

These services are legitimate and can be worthwhile to some people. But what if you just want to see what is on your credit file? One way is to visit each of the websites of the 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You can make a request from there to have a copy of your credit report sent to you.

Another way to get a free credit report with no credit card required is to use the site This site will allow you to view your report online from where you can print it off.

Getting your credit report on an annual basis is now seen as an essential thing to do. It will help you check that no mistakes have been made on your file and that no criminals have tried to steal your identity. There are now ways to get a free credit report with no credit card, so you really should take advantage of them.

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