Free Credit Report – No Credit Card Required – Fast and Easy

Are you looking for a way to check your credit for free? Do you want to get your free credit report no credit card required? There is a way to check your credit without using a credit card and it is actually pretty easy. Here is what you need to do to make sure your credit is in good shape without using your credit card.

First, you need to know why a credit card is required when you go to get your report from some of the online sites. They want you to try out their credit monitoring service and will give you a free trial of it to do so. This requires a credit card because if you do not cancel the subscription they will charge you for the service until you do.

Second, you need to understand that by using a credit card and taking the free trial of the monitoring service you can get your credit report instantly. However, you have to make sure you cancel your subscription or you will get charged. This will allow you to get your free report immediately.

Last, if you want your free credit report no credit card required you will have to mail in a request. There are two times that you can do this and get it for free. The first is anytime during the year, but you can only do it once. The second is anytime you are turned down for some sort of financing. You can mail the letter that says you were turned down and a letter requesting a copy of your credit report.

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