Free Credit Report With No Credit Card – Explained

There appears to be a fair bit of confusion with reference to the matter of how to get a free credit report with no credit card. In this article I'm going to promptly run through some of the main points that you really should watch your step with.

If this is something you have already been researching you will no doubt already come across any amount of advertisements for free credit reports. The difficulty with quite a few of these is that when you get as far as the application process, you will find that there is a requirement to give your credit card details. Many people are quite apprehensive about doing so.

The reason that these application forms have a requirement for your credit card details is that the company in question would like to put you on a free trial for a credit repair service. It will be completely free for the first 30 days but after that they will start to charge you automatically.

To actually get your free credit report there are really two approaches that you can take. The first approach is that you can use the service so long as you make a point of actively canceling the free trial before the 30 days are up. The other approach that you can take is to check through a number of these types of offers until you find one that does not require you to give your credit card details. These types of offers do exist but you may have to look at several sites before finding one.

As I mentioned previously, this is only a quick review of some of the most important points with regards to the issue of how to get a free credit report with no credit card. There are just a handful of other really vital items that you will really need to have an understanding of.

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