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Every consumer is allowed one free credit report from major bureaus each and every year, so that they can stay accurately apprised of their financial standing. The 3 major reporting agencies in the nation are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and as such, they are the institutions used by virtually every landlord, lender and employer to obtain accurate credit score information. Therefore, you would be wise to make sure that you get your free report from one or all of these popular bureaus. There are 3 main reasons that you should take up the offer to get a free credit report online, from one of the bureaus that lenders use most. First, it will allow you to form realistic financial expectations. Second, it will help you to discover and address problem areas in your fiscal history. Third, it will allow you take action to correct any mistakes on your reports that may be unjustly painting you in a negative light.

Realistic Expectations

If you have a poor credit score, it is simply not realistic to apply for a large new line of creditor or attempt to purchase a new home on borrowed funds. Thus, checking your score for free with help you to gain a realistic expectation of what loans you can apply for and what new rental or credit arrangements you can hope to make. In addition, it is wise to know your credit rating so that you have a clear picture of the risk you pose for possible employers that consider your financial history in their application process. Getting a free report of your financial standing can save you a great deal of embarrassment and it can also allow you to move forward with only the financial ventures for which you are likely to qualify, given your fiscal standing.


The best way to fix a problem is to first identify it in no uncertain terms. Getting a free credit score report online can help you to see clearly the areas where you are to be extended for your fiscal responsibility and also the places where you will need to work towards repairing damages done. Since free reports from major bureaus give you detailed descriptions to explain your scores, you will be able to accurately decipher both your strong and weak financial points and to work towards bringing them into a healthy balance. Once your score is repaired, lenders and landlords alike will likely throw their door wide open for you to walk through at your convenience.


While major credit reporting bureaus are known for their stringent reporting standards, accidents do happen and errors are often found in one or more of the reports. This fact makes it a very good idea to check your score via a free online site at least once a year. If you do not know that an error is reported against you, you may reap the negative consequences in the form of denied loan applications and rejected rental requests. If you spot any errors, however, you can move swiftly to have them corrected.

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