Free Credit Score Report Without Credit Cards – Is it Possible?

Is it possible to get a free credit score report without credit cards, that is the question many consumers ask these days in the wake of the credit crisis. Many want to know their scores so they have some idea of ​​where they stand financially, but finding a company that offers them for free without financial obligation is few and far between if at all. Usually you will receive a free trial offer for a short period of time, usually 7 days you can access the information on the credit monitoring company's website. After this trial period however you credit card will be billed for the full amount of the services.

The only way that this service can be considered given to you for free is if you cancel your trial membership within the time period specified by the website. That way you will have viewed your information and not have to pay anything for it. However, you will not gain access to all three bureau's records. The trial period is only for one report and score, and all three are important in assessing your overall credit and finding out how lenders will view your history by what is contained in them.

Lenders use all three sets of numbers and some of them outweigh others in determining your creditworthiness with lenders. If you want all of the information contained in all of the reports you will have to pay for the service through a monitoring agency online. You can also obtain your reports for free through the government recommended website that offers them but you will not have access to your scores. That is a paid service provided by other companies.

Whether you need your credit scores because you are in the market for a major purchase or you just want to know what they are, there are services online that will provide them to you for a price. Depending on what provider you choose, the monthly fee is nominal and you get other services with your purchase such as an alert that let you know when and if anything in your credit reports change or if there is fraudulent activity and that is worth the price you will pay for peace of mind. Having access to your credit report and score on an ongoing basis is vital to maintaining and keeping it safe from identity theft these days and that is important to your financial well-being.

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