Free Credit Score Report – Your Rating Makes the Difference

The truth is that many people are unaware of what their credit score is. Not only do they not know the actual score but they are unaware of what it entails and how it is used by people in all walks of life to determine whether someone is worth doing business with in many regards. The score an individual has is a three digit number that ranges from three hundred, the lowest, to nine hundred, the highest.

Until recently it was capped at around eight hundred. This score reflects the history of individual in regards to credit reimbursement. Anything from a cellphone plan to a house payment can be reflected on a given credit report. A score of seven hundred or higher is considered excellent. This is the score that many lending institutions want to see in a prospective borrower. A score in the six hundreds, specifically six forty and above, is considered good credit. Many agencies, investors, and even the federal government see this as the cut off range for easy lending practices. Anything below six hundred is considered fair to poor. When an individual has a score in the five hundred range they often find their interest rates are higher on loans, if they can receive one, and they may need to acquire secured credit cards instead of the typical unsecured ones. Anything less than five hundred twenty is typically considered poor to very poor. Few if any individuals will loan to someone with such a rating. Those that will generally be scam artists, loan sharks, or will will be charging extensive interest with a great deal of collateral on the line.

The importance of a credit report and an individual's three digit score can not be stressed enough. This is why the federal government mandated that all citizens will be allowed to view their credit report for free once per year. The reporting agencies that create these reports typically charge for them. This lead to many people being unable to see their information even though it was their financial history in question.

Once a year is not enough, however. A truly dedicated individual will want to see their report at least once per month. This is to help prevent identity theft, make certain their finances remain in order, or to check on their unpaid balances for future repayment and credit repair. There are many online agencies that specialize in allowing people to view their files. Most of these offer free trial usages to allow the prospect client to familiarize themselves with the process. This is useful in maintaining and repairing a credit rating.

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