Free Online Federal Income Tax Refund – Return Estimator 2009, 2010

Are you wondering what your refund will be for your federal tax return this year or how much you'll owe the IRS?

There are estimator's online that will estimate your taxes. By entering in very simple information generated by an online service you can see what to expect for your refund. It only takes a moment to enter your information such as; earnings, filing status, and deductions (which will include whether or not you will take the standard deduction amount or itemize your return). This simple tool will save you time and prepare you for actual tax time.

Here are a few benefits to using a free online tax return estimator:

The estimator is free, with no obligation
This tool will prepare you for your actual tax return, whether you will receive a refund or owe the IRS.

The estimator will give you a good estimate on how life changing events will change your tax return, for example: Marriage, new baby, buying / selling a house, new job, and retiring.

You can use the estimator at any time throughout the year, including estimating your taxes for next year
This service also provides you with step by step instructions to avoid costly errors on your return

When your ready to prepare and file your tax refund this same service will maximize your refund, increase your tax deductions which in return will reduce the amount of money owed, if you owe the IRS. Making tax time simpler, less frustrating and guaranteeing the accuracy of your return.

Source by Frank W Ellis

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