Get a Longer Warranty With the Best Credit Cards

Think back to the last time you purchased a computer, a washer or dryer or other large ticket item. How much did you pay for the extended warranty on that purchase? Chances are you put a good chunk of change into paying for a little more protection against what could have gone wrong as soon as the manufacturer's warranty ran out.

The other possibility is that you learned the hard way that you should always get a little extra coverage. Perhaps you thought you take good care of things and did not need the extended warranty. Then it seems just like clockwork the big ticket item you bought broke down just after the manufacturer's warranty ended.

Instead of going through the hassle of paying more for extra warranty coverage or paying for a whole new item when your warranty ends and your item breaks down, why not let someone take care of it for you, paying for an extended warranty in your name. You may be thinking, who would do that? The answer could be in your wallet.

Many of today's best credit cards have a lot of traits that the credit card holders don't know about. One of these traits is warranty extension. The way this works is that if you purchase the large ticket item with the credit card, the credit card company will double the manufacturer's warranty for you.

If you are not sure if your current credit card company does this, you may want to call them and find out. Generally, you will have to call them anyway, to tell them about the purchase that you need the extended warranty on.

If you have had your same credit card account for a long time, you may be one of the unlucky ones without this perk. Some credit card companies only add perks on for newer customers, so you may have to look around, and consider applying for a new card if you want to get the best credit card offers that are out there.

While you're looking, you may want to delve a little further into what is being offered by credit card companies these days. There are a number of other little specials that credit card companies often offer which you may not know about. From travel insurance to special discounts and other features, many of the best credit cards have pages of cardholder benefits that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them.

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