Get Out of Credit Card Debt – Three Things You Can Do to Pay Off Debt and Keep Your Family Happy

If you want to get out of credit card debt or wipe out any debt for that matter, you need to be persistent at it. You also need dedication. So how much persistence and dedication do you need to have? What if you have a family you have to constantly buy things for?

These are questions many parents in debt ask themselves each and every month. So to get out of credit card debt, there is no doubt you have to make the commitment to send a little (or a lot of) extra money to your creditors, each month in order to get ahead. The other side of that is we'll have to give up some things too. As we all know that money affects the well being of our families. So we as parents have to hold back a little.

So the trick is you need to choose what you can do as well as what you can eliminate. Of course, for me, this amounts to as keep as much as we can for the well being of our children and cut some things out for ourselves. Here are a few suggestions for you that I tried.

First you still want to plan vacations. You do not have to plan a full week vacation. However, you can plan short weekend trips. This will help you out in many ways. Of course, you are taking your family on a trip and you all get a chance to relax a bit. Then, you are not breaking the bank and hindering your efforts to pay off your debt.

During the month, we always need a break from the grind. After all it looks like our days are filled with, work, make dinner, put the kids to bed and then pass out. Then we start all over. Make sure you plan to go out to dinner once or twice a month. This goes a long way into keeping your sanity.

Finally and most importantly, keep the extra curricular activities for your kids. This is for obvious reasons. Your kids enjoy these activities and it adds enrichment to their lives.

Now the key to getting out of credit card debt is to have a great plan. In this plan you need to define your priorities because you'll have many of them to juggle. However, you have to make sure when you are spending extra money to pay off your debt, you do not want to reduce the quality of your child's life by putting all your money into paying the balances.

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