Get Rid of Bad Credit – Here's How to Clean Up Bad Credit

Are you looking for ways to get rid of bad credit or rebuild your credit report? Have you been told that repairing bad credit is too hard or that it costs a lot of money? The truth is, you can repair your credit, without paying someone else to do it for you. You just need the right information.

If you have bad credit you are like millions of people who have negative marks on their credit report. Once you have blemishes on your report you will realize just how bad credit can derail your life's plans. A bad credit record can adversely affect your ability to get loans, credit cards and other credit items.

Although it seems like a daunting task, if you don't take steps to get your credit back on track your credit rating will remain the same for up to seven years. There are several things you can do to fix your credit report.

First, get your report from the three major credit bureaus. You need to know what's in your report. You can get your report for free, once a year, or if you have been denied credit you can also get it at no charge to you from the bureau that provided the report that resulted in a declined application.

Once you've received your report, you'll need to look it over. List all negative accounts and inaccuracies. If you feel that the information contained in your report is incorrect, write to the credit bureau that supplied the report and request an investigation.

The credit bureaus are required to maintain correct information. When they receive your letter of dispute they must investigate it and advise you of the results of their investigation.

When you dispute an item with the credit bureau and the creditor does not respond within the a reasonable period of time, then the disputed item must be removed from your report. If the disputed item is found to be incorrect or unable to be verified, it must be deleted from your report.

In the event that the dispute does not end in your favor, you have the right to ask the credit bureau to include your version of the dispute in your file, and in all credit reports from that date forward.

After you have finished erasing negative entries, it's time to add positive information to your file. You can obtain a secured credit card or take out a secured loan at a bank. Other ways to add positive accounts to your file include getting department store and gas station charge cards. Make sure you pay your bills on time. That way you will show that you can handle credit responsibly.

Repairing bad credit can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. To follow the proper steps in fixing your report, it's a good idea to get a good credit repair guide that will take you step by step through the process of cleaning up bad credit and rebuilding a good record.

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