Get the Basics About Identity Theft

Here are some helpful tips to avoid identity theft and keep track of your credit.

* Firstly, how to avoid being an identity theft victim
* Secondly, checking the frequency of credit history audit

The first problem needs attention so look for a way out for it. It is scary to lose your credit cards or any identity document. This is something, which could happen to anyone. The thief requires a little time to just mess with your credit records and make it very difficult for getting credit.

If you had an identity theft then credit bureaus should be informed and a note should be included in your credit report. The lenders will know your situation and you might find it difficult to get credit.

Now you should look for false or deceptive information in your report and try to clear it up with individual creditors. This process can take years and you feel frustrated.

Avoiding the situation where you lose your identity is the main thing. Keep the following in mind –

1. A social security number should not be disclosed

2. If you get a call and they demand information like the social security number or your mother's maiden name or your date of birth then do not give it out. On the other hand, ask for a number for calling and sharing the information.

Check before you make a call. If they confirm themselves as calling from your bank then cross check with local branch office, whether they require such information or not.

3. Destroy credit notices that you get in the mail. Simple dumping them is not the way out. Now comes the second point, which is how often the credit history is checked. Identity theft is possible always so be aware of your credit record.

Many finance professionals suggest review of credit history every month. This is not required unless you feel that some information is missing. Another decent option is to check every 6 months. This lets you keep the fraud information at bay and at the same time correct the wrong information provided by creditors.

A annual review of credit report is expected. You definitely do not want to land in a messy situation when you want a good credit for yourself.

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