Getting a Credit Report From Experian

Experian is the third reporting agency that offers credit report account information. This report can be checked once a year for free on annual credit report. However, if you already checked your credit report once, and want to check your credit score again, maybe due to a rejection for credit, you can use Experian. Experian allows you to check your credit report for free, although they do need a valid credit card number to verify that the user is the person that is being inquired about.

In addition, Experian offers many other extra services that have to be paid for. Such as Smart Business Reports that allow you to check your business credit report. MetroNet that allows you to find current data on debtors, Contractor check allows you to get real contractors and stay away from fraudulent contractors. Another service that the website provides is the Business Public Records, which basically allows the user to find a lot of information about a particular business. The AutoCount provides the user with the information of who has recently sold or bought a vehicle, such service provides some companies with a list of customers for which they can target their advertising of their products.

What ever your needs are Experian can handle some of them for a small fee. However, if it is only the credit report that you are looking for, make sure that you exhaust your free option of getting the credit report from three agencies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion at

Source by David M Siegel

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