Getting a Phone Without a Credit Check – Is it Possible?

Before applying for any contract mobile, you must first understand how the process works. Whilst this may seem patronising, honestly this isn't the intent of this article. For a start all mobile phone company's run credit checks to ensure you are eligible for a contract phone, you shouldn't try and shy away from this as these can help you get the best deal or even special deals tailor made for your requirements. If you have had credit problems in the past, your provider will find out about these through this and help find the perfect tariff for you.

Remember the phone operators want to give you a contract, they make money from this and it would be bad business to turn you away and let you sign up with another provider. Some providers are prepared to take larger risks then others, so you may be turned away at one particularly strict provider but another will welcome you to the network with a brand new phone and a great value tariff.

Some networks ask you to make a deposit prior to receiving the phone, this reduces the risk they are taking and also gives you a better chance of being eligible for a contract phone. If you continue to make your bill payments on time you will have your deposit refunded. Other providers may place limits on your contract, which will stop you from making international or premium rate phone calls this is to stop you from running up large bills.

Another thing to remember is that you shouldn't apply for a contract phone at the same provider more then once in a short period of time, as this will look bad on your credit report and possibly prevent you from being accepted by a contract phone provider .

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