Getting an Annual Pap Smear

It is every woman's responsibility to take care of herself as best as she can. This includes making sure that she gets in to see a nurse practitioner at a clinic each year for a Pap smear. This is one of the most important tests that a Wills Point woman should get done each and every year to check for cervical cancer and other female health issues.

A Pap smear is not a very comfortable procedure but it is a necessary one. Many women try to avoid this test at all costs because of the comfort factor. However, it is a very important test. A Wills Point nurse practitioner can perform this test quickly and give each woman the results and any necessary treatments at an east Texas health clinic to ensure female health.

You may wonder what exactly a Pap smear will test for. One of the most important things that this test will determine is cervical cancer. A Wills Point nurse practitioner at an east Texas health clinic will let each woman know if her results are abnormal and what else needs to be done at this point. However, an abnormal result does not guarantee that you have cancer. Sometimes, the cells can be abnormal for various other reasons and a recheck will reveal normal results.

Once you have received abnormal results on a Pap smear, you will need to be checked more frequently by a Wills Point nurse practiceer. Watching your female health very closely is important for every woman. However, if you have received abnormal results, you will want to visit a clinic more frequently to ensure that everything is all right. Many women do get abnormal results, however, without having serious problems. It can be scary to get those results and a nurse practiceer can help set your mind at ease.

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