Good Credit Score and Bad Credit Score

No matter what kind of financial help you are seeking and from what kind of person you would like to get the help from-everything depends on your FICO score! FICO is one which is telling you of your previous debt or any activity in the history and the sustainability that you have maintained. It tells you whether you are punctual in paying your debts in easy installments or whether you have been inconsistent in doing so. When the word ‘FICO score’ is encountered, the two associated words that hit the minds of anyone are ‘Good’ and ‘Bad Credit’.

Being in good credit is something that gives positive reports of your history activities where as the ‘Bad one’ does the opposite of that. No person in the world would like to offer his financial support to one that has a bad history report. This is because the lender will be unsure of the borrower’s potential to repay the money back. To make a financial help from any lender happen, one has to maintain a good report and only then will he be able to qualify for further financial assistance.

Moreover, the first of any loan issuing process is the checking of credit score. This doesn’t mean that people who have bad report are not eligible for loans. Having a good credit just makes the process easy and secured. Also chances are given to an individual to improve his score so that he can improve his chances of availing a loan in further attempts.

Source by Santhana Chann

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