Great Credit Cards for People with not so Great Credit

Everyone knows you can get a credit card with not so perfect credit, but you will be paying high interest. I have found that is just not the case anymore.

You can now have the option of obtaining a Pre-paid card which gives you the simplicity and convenience you need to manage your finances easily. Some features of this card are free direct deposit, which make payday faster safer and more convenient. Integrated bill payment, pay your bills online or even over the phone. Access to checks; send a check to anyone directly from your account. Access to cash, withdraw money at millions of ATM machines worldwide.

Other types of credit cards are also available for those with bad or no credit and they are unsecured. Approval is guaranteed when qualifications are met. You can be approved for up to $ 7,500 of credit regardless of your credit history. Monthly credit limit increases are available to those that qualify.

Many companies are now offering other types of credit cards for those trying to rebuild or build there credit. Sometimes they start out at a lower limit and if you make your monthly payments on time they will gradually increase your limit. You may want to compare all these different types of credit cards and see which one works best for you. Now you can make your bad credit turn into great credit to match the cards in your wallet.

Source by SueAnna Naase

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