How Can I Order All Three of My Credit Reports and Verify Credit Status?

Importance of Credit Report

Every single American citizen are entitled to acquiring a copy of their free annual credit report, thus "how can I order all three of my credit reports" is one of the commonly asked questions that are involved in credit monitoring. Thus, you need to ensure that you order a copy for yourself since it can serve you multiple purposes. Simply put, your report holds vital information about your credit status and rating.

Therefore, this is where you and your future creditor can obtain all the useful financial information, such as past and existing loans, credit card history, debt information, mortgages, and the like. This is one reason why your credit company seeks for your report upon filing for loan since it reflect your payment history, such that they can determine whether you are a risk to the company, should they decide to approve you for a loan.

How can I order all three of my credit reports?

Getting your report should definitely start with asking yourself: "How can I order all three of my credit reports?"

There are several methods of contacting the three major credit agencies, which are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, so you can get your free copy. The most basic step you can do to ask for a copy of your free report is to check out the website for Annual Credit Report and file your request. You will be provided a form that you must fill up with some basic details that the service needs to identify your copy. Then, you must decide which specific report from what agency you'd like to get first. You do have a choice whether to order all of the credit report from all three agencies at the same time, or not.

You must also complete different authentication process for each report from the respective credit agencies. Make sure you have prepared vital documents such as loan accounts or credit information handy, since it will be used by the credit report agency to verify your identity.

You can also try different means of contacting any of the three agencies, such as calling them through their landline numbers, checking out their individual websites, or send them a letter of request via their respective mailing addresses. For this sending a request over the phone though, some agency like Equifax require that a written request be made as follow up, wherein you will be asked to suffice some other details such as address, date of birth, name, SSN, and driver's license , among others.

If your request to order all three reports has been completed, it will instantly appear online. Then, you can print out your own copy of the report and review over the information contained in it to identify possible errors and make credit repair. If no reports for correction are made, the information contained in your report will be considered valid and final.

Your question, "How can I order all three of my credit reports?" is fairly easy to answer once you know the steps involved.

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