How Can I Tell If a Credit-Repair Company Is Lying?

The first step in determining if a credit-repair company is a scam is to trust your instincts your first impression of the site. Does the website seeing professionally done? Are there items on the site that lead you to believe the site is produced by a real company, for example is there a phone number on the site?

Specifically when dealing with credit repair companies there are certain types of ideas and promises that you should be wary of and that should raise red flags for you when deciding which company to go with. One such promise is that they can use some kind of program or software to go through your existing credit report and remove items erroneously. The credit reporting agencies have control over your credit report and there our processes in place to allow you to dispute items on your report.

There is no magic wand which will allow you to have either removed for you. Another promise is that they will be able to use lawyers or legal pressure to force items off of your report. Although there may be some truth to the fact that some companies may back down and have items removed to avoid legal pressure, there is no guarantee that these companies can happy items removed.

Credit-repair is a slow and time-consuming process that involves changing your spending habits and your bill payment habits in order to demonstrate your credit worthiness in the future. any legitimate credit repair company will present this tribute to you honestly and upfront. They will not make promises that they cannot keep. Typically their services are consulting you in the process says that you should follow in order to best utilize your credit and demonstrate your credit worthiness.

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