How Can I View My Credit Report and Scores?

A credit report is something that one needs to be constantly in touch with because it enables you to not only assess your finances, but also to take any appropriate steps towards improvement. The credit score is equally important as it gauges your credit worth in percentages. The more credit worthy an individual is the lower the interest they are likely to be charged on any loans they take out in the future. Both of these documents can be got by going to websites dedicated exclusively for this. These websites have been mandated to access your credit information by each of the three credit bureaus.

To get the reports online costs absolutely nothing as it is the important data for an individual to keep at their fingertips however it can be done only once as the bureaus only issue one copy every year per individual account, thus it should be wisely used. The reports are given on an annual basis as stipulated in the fair credit reporting act that the credit agencies should upon request bequeath each customer with one report after twelve months basis. This was suggested in order for the clients to verify their accounts and evade identity theft and fraud. It is for the latter reason that there was a widespread campaign to inform people that they did not require to disclose their credit card number while requesting for a credit report.

Viewing the credit report however does not reflect on the credit score and cannot lower the scores value it's a soft pull. To get your credit score on line though costs a fee on all the sites. The credit reports are not credit monitoring so if one desires to do some credit monitoring they have to pay on a monthly basis. However, through the credit monitoring service, one gets a report and can still order another from the bureaus thus getting two reports.

One should study their credit report carefully as it is more important than the credit score because it outlines the trade lines, new accounts which could work against you and the lines of credit that one already has.

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