How Often is a Credit Report Updated?

In credit reports you will find information regarding a persons home address, employment history, social security number, name, date of birth and so on. Any time there is a change in any one of the above things then your credit report should be updated. It will contain information on your credit history also. So how often is a credit report updated by the creditors though?

This will largely depend upon the creditor and how fast this information reaches the credit bureau. Most creditors will only report to the bureau if there is any change in the credit balances. Since most peoples' balances remain unchanged for a long time the records could be up dated from a period ranging from 1 month to 6 months. On the other hand if you are defaulting on payments some creditors' will promptly report this.

If you are worried about the information contained in your credit report you can get a look at it for free and be able to make informed decisions regarding any credit you wish to apply for. By accessing your report you will be able to see whether any changes have been made to it and how they affect you. You won't have to worry how often is a credit report up dated because you will know just what your rating is yourself.

You can get a free copy of your credit report from any one of the online credit sites that are available. They will be able to give you any other pertinent advice that you might need. They will be able to help you check the accuracy of the information contained in the report. If your credit rating is not good, they will give you tips on how you can make your rating much better.

They might even be able to tell you how often is a credit report updated as well. So try them out and find out what advice and help you can get.

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