How to Behave Like You Have an 800 Credit Score

No matter what your credit score is now, with time and the right moves, you can raise your credit score. The pinnacle of which is achieving a score of 800 or higher. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to reaching the promised land.

First and most basic, pay all your bills on time. This may seem trivial, but this helps develop superb financial habits. If someone does not pay their power bill, they are also illegally to pay their credit card bills. Building positive payment history shows lending institutions that you can handle your finances.

Next, be humble and be willing to admit mistakes. I have seen many bright and intelligent people have $ 30 return check fee's sent to collections because they refused to pay for a myriad of reasons. Whatever the reason, this person will now be stuck paying way more than that in higher interest rates due to the collection items being on their credit report.

Also, be careful when co-signing for someone, even a family member. All too many times you have the best intentions at heart, but this ultimate puts additional liability on you if the other party does not pay. This not only ruins your credit, but your relationship or friendship, whatever the case may be.

Apply for credit wisely. Most of your 800 plus achievers have very few inquiries on their credit report. This applies to loans, credit cards, or anything that would require a company to pull your credit. The worst perpetrators of abusing inquiries are car dealerships. They do not care about the negative mark on your credit score. They are only concerned with finding someone to give you a loan so they can make money. They are watching out for themselves, so you need to watch out for your interest.

Achieving an 800 score is not magical or impossible. The best part is that everyone has the same set of rules to work with in improving your credit. Follow these habits and you will be on your way to your credit goals.

Source by Christopher Byrd

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