How to Correct Your Credit Report

Credit reporting agencies need not inform you about the negatives that appears in your report and they only follow certain procedures to make the report. When you file a compliant about a dispute in your credit report, the agency ask the corresponding creditor to give information with the standard forms they have. They will be given some time to respond and the results will be reflected back in your credit report.

You can complain about the items in the list, incorrectness in the account or the item is too old to include in the report. You have a legal right to dispute any item when you feel like so. When you get the report via mail it will be having the dispute form to fill when needed. Your name, date of birth, social security number, address shall be correct in your report and ask for corrections if they are not accurate.

If you want to write your own dispute letter include all items in that at one place for reference. If you forgot something to mention in the first letter then you have to wait for thirty days to submit the fresh one. You shall make sure that this corrections are made with all credit report agencies.

Once the agency complete cross verification they will send you corrected information and you can cross check about the requested corrections. They may delete, correct the information or verify and confirm that what is present in the report is true. If you still feel that the information is not correct you can send second dispute letter to the attorney of the agency.

Contact numbers of USA big service agencies are mentioned below for the reference.

1. Equifax: (800) 685-1111
2. Experian: (888) 397-3742
3. TransUnion: (800) 916-8800

Source by Narash Addagada

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