How to Develop an Abundance Mentality

Face it. No matter how much you try to have a nice and perfect picture of this world, there are times when the negative forces around you will almost push you to the edge. Life anyway is not perfect. However, this is not a reason to give up on having a positive outlook in life. Many great persons in history, despite the hardships that they had encountered, succeeded in becoming an epitome of greatness during and even after their respective era. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and other revered historical icons all have one thing in common and that is a more transcendental mindset: a mindset that goes beyond race, creed, religion, nationality, economic standing, political affiliations, and other leanings. There are many terms that can be used to describe this life outlook but in a more modern context, some people call it the abundance mentality. An abundance mentality goes beyond mere positive world outlook. It is based on the philosophy of attracting prosperity and abundance by having a mindset that believes in prosperity and abundance.

Possessing a positive mental outlook in a world where pessimism rules, is essential if you need to attract prosperity and abundance in your life. Prosperity and abundance does not come instantly. You have to focus and think about how to get rid of all the negative thoughts that has been haunting your miserable existence for many years now. A cliche it may seem, but you always have to see the light at the end of a dark and seemingly endless tunnel. You can always give up but that will be a colossal sense of defeatism on your part. After all, life is short, too short for your own good, to be riled up by mundane things.

Prosperity and abundance comes to those who have the right mind to accept it. No amount of hard work will result into personal success without a more positive view in life. Many people may seem to have prosperity and abundance yet this is just superficial. Under the surface is a rotting corpse of negative emotions, thoughts, and mindset that tends to catch up in time.

Among the many things that individuals with an abundance mentality believe are:

  • "If I need money, I'll find the money."
  • "If I need people, I'll find the people."
  • "If I need ideas, the ideas will come."
  • "People are great. They will help me reach my goals."

These are just some of the working ethos that you must learn to know by heart if you want to attract prosperity and abundance.

Source by Fico Molina

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