How To Find The Best Credit Card Deals Around

Finding the best credit card deals isn’t always a walk in the park. After all, it seems like every credit card company on earth is insisting that they have the best deal around. So how do you tell the really great offers from those that aren’t so great? Here are some things to look for.

1. The Real APR

Don’t let introductory rates fool you. The best credit card deals offer great interest rates even after the introductory APR has expired. With many credit card companies offering fixed interest rates of less than 10 percent, taking out a card with a 0-percent APR that jumps up to almost 20 percent after six months isn’t wise.

2. Flexible Rewards

If you pay your balances in full each month, then you won’t really benefit from a low interest rate since you won’t be accruing interest anyway. That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t benefit from some of the best credit card deals on the market. In your situation, a rewards card would offer you a better deal.

When it comes to rewards cards, the best credit card deals are the ones that offer generous rewards programs with flexible redemption options. Gone are the days when you could only redeem points at a specific time of year on specific items. Nowadays the best credit card deals offer cash back bonuses, flexible point redemption and sometimes even double bonus and point opportunities.

3. No Annual Fee

Gone are the days when an annual fee was the norm. With so much competition in the credit card market, don’t even think about paying an annual fee unless doing so provides you with benefits equal to the cost of the card. The best credit card deals don’t require any annual fee at all while providing the same perks associated with cards that normally do charge a fee.

4. The Convenience Factor

The best credit card deals don’t just offer low interest rates or big rewards opportunities. The best credit card deals also offer increased customer convenience. Apply for cards that have online account access, electronic billing and a grace period of at least 20 days.

With electronic billing and online account access, you’ll know the moment your statement is generated and the 20-day grace period will ensure that you have ample time to pay your bill before the due date rolls around.

While it’s true that the massive number of credit card offers out there can be overwhelming, finding the best credit card deals doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. Keep the above in advice in mind and use it to determine where the best credit card deals really are.

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