How to Fix a Bad Or Messed Up Credit Report

There's only one favor I can ask of you in this article you're reading here: Make a vow to yourself that you'll invest every resource you can in fixing your file. Whether the negative accounts you have on your file right now are by your own making or the carelessness of either information providers or the credit bureaus, the real picture now is that getting these issues addressed is now your responsibility. But I'll still show you how to fix it right here.

Get recent copies of your 3-in-1 file from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax to know the exact number and types of negative entries that are contained in the three of them. Read through carefully paying particular attention to each negative you discover with the intention of identifying which one was caused by you and the ones that are caused by either the bureaus or the financial institutions that provide information for your file.

For any negative information that you find on your file, you'll be writing one letter each to the appropriate credit bureau. For instance, let's imagine that you discover 2 collections on your Experian, 1 charge-off and 1 court judgment on your Equifax, and 1 inquiry on your Transunion. In this case, you'll write 2 dispute letters each for the 2 collections to Experian, 1 dispute letter for the charge-off and 1 dispute letter for the court judgment to Equifax, and 1 dispute letter for the inquiry to Transunion. The reason why you need to write one letter for every negative account is that the bureaus have a right not to attend to your letter on grounds of frivolity if you violate this simple rule.

Another very important task you have to undertake to fix your report is to pay down all outstanding debts on your lines of credit. This singular act will cause your score to increase significantly. It is advisable that you enlist in an overall fixing of your report by using self-help or the services of a professional repair agency for excellent results.

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