How to Fix MY Credit Report Quickly? Everything You Need to Know

Most people do not recognize the importance of a high credit score until they are forced to use their credit scores to gain loans from creditors. Interest rates also tend to hike up if you have a poor credit score, or worse, your application for a credit card or a loan can get denied. Why wait until you get rejected for a job that you know you are very much capable of doing just because of your poor credit history?

"How to fix my credit report quickly?" may be a question that you are asking yourself at this very moment. Well, let me share to you my personal experience with a credit repair company that taught me how to fix my credit report quickly:

o They initially requested for my credit report from all credit reporting agencies. Apparently, you are entitled to one free credit report every year. Although the three credit bureaus obtain information pretty much in the same manner and from the same companies or financial institutions, there is a possibility that not all of them are keeping the same information. If you are to file for a dispute with one of them, you might as well make sure that you don't need to file disputes with the others, too.

o The credit repair company asked me to authorize their representative to access my information with my creditor. They said that how to fix my credit report quickly greatly relies on the payment history and spending habit that was reported by my creditor. The representative called up my creditor to inform them of the inaccurate information that was sent to the credit bureaus. He asked the creditor to send a written confirmation of my good credit history just in case the credit bureaus fail to correct the error in time.

o It was explained to me that reporting the error to the Federal Trade Commission may become necessary on how to fix my credit report quickly. They gathered as much evidence as they could to prove my stance. Informing the credit bureaus of your intent to make your dispute known to the proper authorities may help in expediting the resolution of your issue.

o The credit repair company that I hired to help me correct my credit report sent two copies of my written dispute to about three people in each credit bureau. All of these letters were sent via registered mailed. If you were to think about it, this may be the key on how to fix my credit report quickly. The registered mails and multiple recipients provided us the leverage to demand action. The credit bureaus have at least 30 days to ask the creditor to prove the veracity of their report. If no proof was given within that time frame, the credit bureaus should remove the negative information.

The quick resolution of my dispute led to the timely approval of my home loan. But I realized, had I known these simple steps on how to fix my credit report quickly, I could have saved myself the unnecessary expense of hiring a credit repair company.

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