How to Get a Free Personal Credit Report Now and How to Get Credit Reports For Free

Getting a free personal credit report has always been an inconvenience to do in the past because it always took a lot of time to wait for the 3 big credit monitoring agencies to get their act together to mail you your report. Ever since the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed many years back, it has given consumers the best opportunity to obtain their credit reports for free to give all Americans a peace of mind to know if their FICO scores have gone up and down and why.

This is required by law so everyone should take advantage of this. A great score can mean the difference between you getting the house of your dreams, or renting an apartment, or getting the bank loan you want in order to make the business of your dreams a reality or working minimum wage because you couldn't get the loan that you wanted at the interest rate you wanted.

The best place to get a free personal credit report is on the internet. Going online to get cred reports for free has many distinct advantages over doing it over the phone or through a land based company. First of all there is almost no paper work involved when going online and you will be able to see your report almost instantly after you have finished filling out some basic information. No paper work, ease of use, time and convenience makes the internet the top choice of any consumer looking to stay on top of their credit rating.

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