How To Get A TRW Free Credit Report

If you want a credit report you should get a TRW free credit report as TRW is one of the "big three" credit agencies. TRW gives out free credit reports to individuals who want to know there credit score.

Why do I need a credit report?

Different credit bureaus compile credit information from different sources then relay that information to their customers. Retailers, employers, credit card companies and issuers, insurance companies, and banking institutions use these credit bureaus to get information on your history of credit. You should stay on top of your credit because in many cases the information can be incorrect. This can lead to things such as a loss of a job, denial of o loan, and receiving insurance. Your credit report is something you should stay on top of because sometimes these errors can happen and they can cause major headaches. For these reasons it is beneficial for you to get a TRW free credit report.

If you want to receive a TRW free credit report they require that you have some document that verifies your home address such as a phone or utility bill or a driver's license.

TRW has an automated phone line for information as well as trw representatives which can answer any questions that you may have about obtaining a trw free credit report. The automated information line is – 1-800-682-7654 and to speak to a TRW representative the number is -1-800-422-4879.TRW will give you one copy of your credit report free of charge once a year. If you would like to receive a free credit report you can write to TRW at:

TRW Credit Data Division

National Consumer Relations Center

PO Box 2350

Chatsworth, CA 91313-2350

You can also receive a free copy of your credit report if you have been refused credit or other financial benefits. This is a good way to check if there are any inaccuracies in your credit report which can be fixed. Within 60 days of you being denied you should contact TRW at the following address:


Attn: NCAC

PO Box 949

Allen, TX 75002-0949

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