How to Get Late Payments Off Of My Credit Report

Anyone who’s working to rebuild their credit understands how frustrating it can be. Your credit score show all of the good and bad habits of your credit history. Late payments are generally one of the largest contributing factors of poor credit. In most cases waiting is the only option. However there are a few things that can be done to help take last payments off your credit report sooner rather then latter.

Late payments will appear on your credit report as either 30, 60, 90 or 120+ days late. Make sure you focus on the 120+ payments first, since they have the most negative impact on your credit score.

You should also look for unusual names. Can you match them up to an account that you have? If the answer is “no”, you need to investigate further. It could be possible that these were charged to you by mistake, therefore affecting your credit in a negative way. Even worse you could be a target of identity theft, which is another reason to make sure someone isn’t charging things to your credit without your consent.

If you’ve ever declared bankruptcy it’s important to understand it should only stay on your credit report for 7 years. If it’s still showing up after the 7 year deadline, you need to send a letter to all the credit bureaus and make sure it’s taken off.

While invalid late payments can be frustrating, it’s important to understand there are ways to fix your credit score. It’s important to act as soon as possible.

Source by Tim Bock

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