How to Get Your Credit Report Corrected

Are you troubled by a poor credit rating? You clearly know how important a good credit standing can be. If you have a bad credit score, you might not be able to qualify for loans, and that may prevent you from buying a house or a car, or getting an insurance policy or a credit card. And a bad credit report may not even be your fault, if there are inaccuracies in your report, or if your credit score was affected due to identity theft and fraud. Whatever the reason may be for your bad credit report, you cannot just let it be. For the sake of your future, you have to try to repair your credit.

The road to credit repair begins with obtaining a copy of your credit report. With it, you can determine if there are any discrepancies in your report that you can dispute. You can obtain of a free copy of your credit report in some circumstances. For example, if you have applied for credit, insurance, or employment and have been turned down, the company is bound to provide you with your report if you ask for a copy within 60 of receiving notifice of the denial. There are a number of other cases in which you are eligible to get a free annual credit report, such as being unemployed, being on welfare, or being the victim of credit fraud. You are also entitled to a free credit report once a year from each of the three major consumer reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. If you have to, you can also get your credit report for a fee from a consumer reporting company or an online credit report provider.

Once you have received a copy of your credit report, examine it closely to spot if there are any discrepancies. Be sure that you have documentation that can support your claims. Mail a dispute letter to the consumer reporting agency that authored the report, and include copies – not originals – of the documents that will help your case.

Know that the law places on credit reporting agencies and credit information providers the responsibility of guaranteeing the accuracy of your credit report; thus they are required to correct your report if it should contain any inaccuracies. So they must investigate your dispute, and that will save you the expense and trouble of dealing with every one of your creditors by yourself. And you should not be charged for the investigation; the law says that you cannot be charged a fee for filing a dispute claim over your credit report with the consumer reporting agency. So go ahead and file it and expect an investigation to be made.

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