How to Guarantee Your Personal Information Is Protected When Banking Online or in Person

How many times a week do you get that question – at work, at the bank, over the phone with a certified script reading customer-representative? Why not stamp it across my forehead? What started as a way for Uncle Sam to ID you, is putting you at risk for identity theft. Why don't we fight back by telling those people who want our Social Security Number were not giving it to you unless we feel you really need it, by the way why do you need it anyway? And how will you use it?

How do you protect your SSN from being stolen? What law requires you to have it? I believe there are only 16 ways you have to give your SSN. You don't have to give your SSN for a credit check .. One popular scam involves an e-mail supposedly from your bank. They know where you bank and your name and address. It might make you feel comfortable with them, then they'll ask the big question, verify your social security number? Unless you initiate the communication don't give out anything especially your SSN. name and address. It might make you feel comfortable with them, then they'll ask the big question verify your SSN? Unless you initiate the communication don't give out any thing especially your SSN.

I've encountered that some internet purchases you make online require your Social Security Number SSN # but if they don't let you off the hook, so you don't have to give it to them, you don't need their product. Chances are they are trying to get more out of this than what they are selling. Did you know that they can enter your bank account and a whole lot more with your SSN #? When a product cost 9.95 and they have your SSN you will pay a lot more than 9.95, your savings?

Any open deals you make only needs to know your credit status, and banking, moneys if you can pay.They usually do not need to know your SSN, after all you are not applying for a job. If you are in a legal business agreement or contract that you are ask to give your SSN ask why they need it? How about your credit cards, this would surely be effected giving your SSN. Credit card purchases are just what they imply purchases charged on credit, not requiring a SSN. If someone ask when charging don't make the charge walk away.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Never give your SSN over the phone. If you do give it out even privately ask what will they do with it? Don't let them sell it or give it out to anyone else.
  • Watch out for phony IRS calls that say they need to have it. They already know your SSN. Calls from out of the country are also one to watch out for, if they need your personal info SSN etc. Your local bank name can be passed around to be used in getting your SSN on the phone.
  • Watch your bank checks if they have your SSN # on them. Don't let the person you are giving it to flash it around and can you trust them?
  • Just remember your address is not as much as a threat as your SSN.
  • If someone is giving you something and it might be free also, why do they need your SSN to receive it? It isn't free think about it.

How many times did I use SSN in this article? Count them you can feel good, I used SSN and nothing was stolen. Be careful who you give your SSN to. Hopefully with following these tips you will keep your identity safe from predators.

Source by Talbot Nettles

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