How to Obtain a Free Credit Report Online

The question in most people's minds is how to obtain a free credit report. People can obtain reports for free every twelve months in a year from the three credit reporting agencies; the Equifax, Experian and the Trans Union or you can stagger your requests.

The report can only be given through a centralized website or by phone number and addresses established by the credit reporting agencies. You must provide basic information including your full names, address as well as your credit card number.

You can order the reports from the three reporting agencies. This will be possible if you provide basic information like your full names, date of birth and also the social security number to the credit agencies.

Customers can request their reports online by visiting the annualcreditreport website which is provided immediately or calling the agencies on toll free lines. You can get your report online absolutely free by simply filling a credit report provided free and entering your log in password.

You will be required to answer some easy questions and provide your credit card number. If you choose to call, you will be required to give your full identification, then, choose the company you would like to have it from. The report will be mailed to you within five days. You can also fill the annual credit request form and mail it to the request service where the report will be mailed to you in fifteen days.

In order to obtain a free credit report, you should order through the centralized agency to avoid being charged a fee if request is made to agencies directly. The credit report contains the history of repayment of loans, auto loans and mortgage repayments reports. Ensure that you review your report for any errors and contact your agency if there is a problem.

How to obtain a free credit report when you are denied credit, insurance or employment? You should ensure that you contact the credit reporting agency within sixty days of the denial for a free report. The notice should contain your updated details if any changes have occurred since you applied for the credit card. Your employer can get the report only with your consent done in written. Businesses can get their consumer reports online through checks with service providers. These are the answers as to How to obtain a free credit report.

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