How to Payoff Credit Card Debt

There are several ways to payoff all the credit card debt that you have accumulated. Here are some ways to get out of debt:

Pay high interest cards first
If you have several cards that you use, some of them charge much higher rates than the others. Go ahead and list all your cards with the highest interest cards at the top. Start paying off the high interest cards first. This will help you save a lot of money in terms of interest payments.

Use lower interest cards
If you have some cards with a lower rate and need to use cards for personal use, go ahead and use the lower interest cards for purchases. This will help you save money in the short run and long run as well unless the cards end up raising rates.

Negotiate a lumpsum payoff with the creditors
If you happen to have cash in hand and also credit card debt, it maybe in your best interest to negotiate a payoff with the creditors. While this may deplete you of the cash in hand, you may be able to negotiate a lumpsum payoff of a much lower amount than the total debt owed.

Sign up for Debt Settlement
If none of these options work and you are having difficulty in making payments or don't see yourself getting debt-free, consider signing up for debt settlement. A good debt settlement company can eliminate debt and negotiate it down to 10-30cents on the dollar. You can be debt free in as less as 1 year or as much as 5 years.

Source by Anuradha Atharva

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