How to Recruit Nurses From Mexico

This is something that in the past you did not hear a lot about. What has been popular in the last ten years in recruiting nurses? The Philippines has been a popular hot spot for recruiting nurses eager to come to the States to work.

But that market has been tapped to the point that new nursing staffing agencies eager to begin recruiting foreign nurses may find that competition is well established creating a huge barrier to entry with cost rising above what a new staffing agency is able to sustain.

The idea of Mexico providing nurses in the past was not something that many businesses wanted to bet money on, much less spend time pursuing it. The fact is that NAFTA had always had provisions to allow the importation of qualified nurses with proper degrees.

What was holding this process back was the desire for companies to invest in the time frame to bring these nurses up to speed and begin promoting the need to English proficiency.

It was not that these nurses were not qualified, it was that English was not as proficient as say the Philippines.

With that said, there are several companies that are in the forefront beginning to bring nurses form Mexico to the States. With a growing Spanish speaking community that are affluent and well on the way to becoming the Majority and not the minority in certain states, companies that bank on this will see a rise in financial rewards.

It is a process to recruit nurses from Mexico, typically it will take anywhere between 7 to 10 months, but the investment is a well worthwhile endeavor. Keep in mind that you will have to take some trips to Mexico to secure your contacts. Once Hospitals are aware of your business model the doors will begin to open.

Tread smart in this endeavor, consult an attorney before jumping forward. You may also want to first start a simple nursing staffing agency to get your feet wet and get familiar with the industry as well as build credit and build a cash reserve.

Source by Roy Vera

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