How to Write a Dispute Letter to a Credit Bureau

Dispute letters to credit bureaus set the tone to your conversations with the credit bureau. How you write them and what you include in the letters will have an impact on the reader. The approach I took was to be stern on my letter without being disrespectful or obscene.

Yes, the mistake on my credit were affecting me, but after reading about my right and the options I have to clear it from a good program on credit repair. I realized it was something I could clear out in forty to sixty days. I disputed duplicate accounts and a collection that wasn't mine. In total I increased my credit score by 67 points, from 632 to 699. In about seventy days.

This is what my dispute letters to credit bureaus started looking like.

My Name
Home Address
Your City, ST 01234

The Credit Bureau your mailing
Bureau Address
Town, State 12345


Dear Credit Bureau,

This letter is a formal complaint notifying you of an inaccurate reporting on my credit.

I am very upset that you have included this erroneous information in my credit profile due to its damaging effects on my good credit standing and its effect on my quality of life. As you are aware, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. The inclusion of this erroneous information is a mistake on your or the reporting creditor's part.

Because of the mistakes on my credit report, I have been wrongfully denied credit (Put here where you were denied), which was highly embarrassing and has negatively impacted my lifestyle. I also have applied for new employment and having this error on my credit has reduced my chances at employment. Not to mention having to explain to potential employers the mistake.

(This part depends on if you have the proof) With the proof I'm attaching to this letter, I'm sure you'll agree it needs to be removed ASAP.

The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible:

THE CREDITOR AGENCY, acct. 124-75231-458
Please delete the above information as soon as possible.


My signature

My Name
My SSN # 123-45-6789
Attachment included.

I hope this letter gives a good frame of reference for those looking to dispute an erroneous reporting with the credit bureaus.

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