How You Can Learn to Give Your Credit Report a New Look and Raise Your Score

There's nothing like having a new beginning. I'm pretty sure you more inclined to answer in the affirmative if I asked if you'd love to have another chance at life and being born all over again. Impossible? Well, I'm not a creation or evolution expert that I should know, so let's leave that for some other discussion. But I know there are a few things that get second chances in life and one of these is your credit report.

If you've not done it properly in the past, the fact that you're breathing is good enough as a right to increase your score. Taking lessons on how you can challenge credit bureaus to investigate accounts that do not belong to you, or accounts that have expired will give you a new lease of life, financially!

There are two ways to do this and I'll tell you that towards the conclusion of this piece. But first, pick up the three versions of your file. You can get this at annualcreditreport dot com, a website that allows you to get all three versions of your file at once – Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Bear in mind that the law enables you to get only one free copy a year.

Move on to a next phase of scanning thoroughly through your files ensuring that your eyes do not miss any negative account. Found any?

Negative accounts are like bugs, they eat out your financial life and score gradually and will cause problems sooner or later. Remember that some bad accounts have the potency to even drag you down instantly … Gather the ammo in your arsenal and begin a process of challenging negative and mistaken information on your file with the relevant bureau by using a dispute letter to correspond with the bureau .

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use either of two options to repair your file and give your score a raise: do-it-yourself method, or the services of a credit repair agency.

Source by Tony Banks

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