How Your Credit Check For Employment Can Cost You Your New Job

Be aware that a lot of companies now check your credit history as a part of your background check to help determine if you are the type of responsible person that they want as one of their employees.

In reviewing your credit history employers will be looking for any accounts in poor standing, any bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens and any other adverse actions recorded against you.

If you don't believe this is true let me share a phone call with you that I received today. The gentleman who called, had applied for a job with a well know insurance company and his application had just been denied. He was denied employment due to some four year old tax liens that had since been satisfied. He had paid these in full and the status showed satisfied on his credit report, but they were cause for denial for his job application with this company.

He wanted to discuss with me how to get these tax liens removed from his credit report. It will be strictly up to the IRS whether or not he succeeds in getting them removed. If it happens at all, it will probably take months to accomplish.

It is legal for a company to deny employment based on a poor credit history as long as you gave permission for the company to retrieve the report.

Your credit history does not only impact whether or not you get hired, it can also impact whether or not you get approved for a promotion within the company where you already work.

Employers must notify you in writing letting you know that your application for employment has been denied or that you will not be promoted due to information found in your credit report.

Having an excellent credit history can win you a job or promotion over some other applicant who may have a mediocre credit history.

Source by Jackie Beem

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