How Your Enterprise Benefits From Managed Hosting Services

Optimize mission critical IT infrastructure. Improve application performance, scalability, and reliability, but maintain tight control over resources, bandwidth and hardware. Support a wide range of end-user access points across a diverse collection of devices.

As the role of IT expands across the enterprise, the need to maintain tight controls over computing and network resources becomes even more critical. Complex applications and data require high performance servers, storage devices, and network equipment capable of handling peak demand with ultra-dependable reliability.

Running network equipment, devices, operating systems and application infrastructure components in an enterprise class infrastructure requires managed hosting services which enable IT personnel to focus more energy on supporting end-users and less cycles upgrading, configuring, and managing hardware, middleware, and applications.

Advantages of Choosing Managed Hosting Services

Greater Responsiveness

Managed hosting services emphasize flexible bottom-up approaches to deliver value by putting IT staff in control of applications and application infrastructure, while reducing the need to perform mundane, less valuable tasks. In addition, the managed hosting services include numerous benefits designed to keep applications secure, stable and responsive to ever-demanding enterprise needs.

Day-to-Day Application Management

Managed hosting provides a higher level of support including security monitoring, automatic backups, server configuration, and even software updates. While important, these tasks tend to devour valuable cycles which detracts from more profitable activities. Engaging a reliable managed hosting services provider offers more value than simple colocation – dedicated hosting ensures experts help support IT personnel by administering and managing ordinary infrastructure-related tasks and monitoring infrastructure as a first-line of defense against network downtime.


Managed hosting providers offer 24x7x365 server monitoring to ensure optimal server performance and uptime. If any problem is detected, the provider can remedy the issue automatically without requiring any intervention from enterprise IT personnel. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) not only define uptime requirements, but also help determine issue escalation procedures and detailed system performance reports to ensure complete control over computing environments.


Some managed hosting providers offer SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers. SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers meet the highest security standards for data integrity and related processes. SAS 70 Type II Certification is an internationally recognized auditing standard of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and is further assurance that the provider follows stringent controls and safeguards. This includes physical access to the data center and other sensitive areas; logical authentication and access to networks, programs, and data; security monitoring to proactively identify and fix system vulnerabilities; and systems implementation to make sure infrastructure changes are Cost-Efficient.

With managed hosting services, enterprises pay a monthly fee. This eliminates CAPEX spend, reduces electricity and real estate costs, and allows more efficient prioritization of IT staff. Studies suggest that enterprises can save up to 40% of their IT spend by moving to a managed hosting model.

Technical Support

Knowledgeable, responsive, available technical support services improve the efficiency of IT staff. In extreme circumstances such as server or network downtime, IT personnel must be able to restore stateful applications and services in minutes – by default, premiere managed hosting providers should maintain redundant systems, network connections, and expert staff to act as a capable partner in these circumstances.

NaviSite offers a rich portfolio of enterprise managed hosting solutions designed to optimize mission critical IT infrastructure performance and provide flexibility to meet current business needs and future demand. Our world-class hosting support enables rapid resource provisioning with additional hardware, middleware, or application support to meet your IT requirements.

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