Increase My Credit Score With 3 Dependable Steps

If I can increase my credit score, I am able to improve my chances of getting approved for a loan at a low interest rate which will save me thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Not only that but I improve my chances of employment and getting rental accommodation when I increase my score. The 3 simple steps I'll follow are:

Get a copy of my credit report.

I'm entitled to one for free each year from each of the credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union – so I'll take advantage of this and go over each copy to see where I stand financially.

I'll go over my report and look for any errors.

There is so much information that gets into these reports on a daily basis that mistakes can occur, so first thing I do is to look for any inaccurate items on my report. If I find any I will dispute them with the reporting agency and ask to have them removed.

If I can back up my request with some copies of receipts or payment stubs this will help the dispute go through sooner. Otherwise I may have to wait longer for the inaccurate items to be removed.

Once those incorrect items have been removed from my report, my score will increase. How much will depend on what type of item was deleted off my report. Another way to increase my credit score is to

Take the right actions now that will reflect positively on my report.

Paying my bills by their due date and not having any missed payments are just a couple of ways I can increase my credit score in the present. My payment history accounts for 35% of my score, so by doing this I am doing something practical towards getting what I want – an increased credit score.

Source by Linda Knox

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