Is Checking Your Annual Credit Report Enough to Protect Yourself?

If you are looking for ways to protect yourself from things like identity theft and from having bad credit, then you need to know that checking your annual credit report is just not enough. You need to be checking your credit at least 4 times a year if you are going to be the one that does the monitoring to make sure your identity is not stolen and your credit is where it should be.

There are many ways why you need to make sure you are watching your report and making sure you can get what you need from your report. If you are the one that gets to do the monitoring of the credit, then you need to understand what you are looking for and what it is you need to be seeing on your credit. You need to know how to compare one report to another and how to dispute things that might not be correct.

When you are checking your annual credit report it will be free, but if you need to monitor your credit, which everybody does, then you need to pull your credit at least 4 times and three of those times you will pay about $ 30 to get the reports you need. You need to make sure you pull all three of your reports from all three of the different bureaus that are out there.

The bottom line is that you have a choice. You can either monitor your credit yourself or you can have someone do this for you. It is not that expensive to have it done for you and you can have a company watching your credit for about $ 30 a month. Then, if anything does change on your report they will let you know right away with an email or a text message so that you know what is going on.

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