Is Your Credit Score Better Than Average? Here's How to Find Out For Free

Since you first learned to count you were taught the importance of numbers. As a child you needed to know your phone number, locker combination and what room your science class was in. Then you went to college and you learned your Social Security Number, GPA and the number to the closest pizza place. Numbers will always be an important part of our daily lives, but there is one number in particular that holds the most significance … your credit score.

Your credit rating will determine everything from what type of interest rate you get on your mortgage, whether you qualify for a car loan, and it can even be the deciding factor on whether or not you get offered a job or a promotion. Your credit rating is the one number that holds the key to your financial future.

The average credit score is about 680 … what is yours? For such an important number there are thousands of Americans who simply don't know the answer to that question, and it will end up costing them.

If you've made some poor decisions in the past and fear that your credit rating is below average or well below average, there is still hope. There are steps you can take towards improving your credit score. With the right tools, knowledge and some determination and by frequently monitoring your credit rating over time, you can get your number back up to where it belongs.

Checking your credit score is free. Isn't it time you knew yours?

Source by Gina Delgado

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