IT Power Monitoring

What is your power system trying to tell you?

Next-generation power monitoring systems identify potential problems that tend to arise in shifting IT environments. Adaptive change in the IT environment could be stressing portions of your power systems and putting your critical applications at risk. How would you know? The clues to impending trouble – such as fast, transient aberrations in the waveform – can appear and disappear in microseconds.

Harmonics, voltage fluctuations, transient over-voltage conditions and other power anomalies can wreak havoc on your equipment and processes. It is essential to fully understand the quality of the power that is being delivered through the facility. If you have detailed event information, you can pinpoint the root causes of problems – or prevent them from occurring.

In the past, basic power monitors were used to identify existing conditions on an electrical distribution system or to evaluate past problems. If you wanted to detect fast voltage transients, you had to bring in portable power quality monitors that cost up to $ 20,000 and usually required an outside consultant.

Next-generation meters redefine the art of power monitoring. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can now match the sampling rate of those high-end systems in compact, affordable devices. These permanently installed instruments monitor, record and analyze critical aspects of an electrical distribution system. With this knowledge, you can optimize energy utilization, process performance and cost, no matter how quickly your IT architecture changes.

Invest some time and research to learn what your power system is trying to tell you.

Source by Mark C Bell

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