Kiva Credit Card For Business Professionals Review

Advanta is a small business credit card provider that offers products that are customized to fit the needs of small business owners and start-ups. Business cards allow businesses to not only track their expenses but manage their budgets effectively.

But not every independent consultant registers a business entity with her state. For that very reason, Advanta has just released its first consumer credit card: Kiva credit card for business professionals. If you are not familiar with Kiva B4B card, it is one of the few credit cards that allow you to give back to your community by giving out grants to deserving entrepreneurs from around the world. The Kiva BusinessCard was launched a few months ago and experienced huge success among social entrepreneurs. While Advanta received a lot of coverage in the media, it identified consumers as the next target for the Kiva card.

The Kiva card for business professionals is designed for the consultant, or Joe the plumbers of this world who have not gotten registered a business entity. The Kiva consumer card comes with standard Advanta features (low rates, low fees). The card is great for credit card arbitrage as it comes with 15 months of 0 interest on balance transfers. You can use the card for arbitrage purchases as there is a max amount of fee you can be charged per transfer.

Kiva business professionals credit card allows you to earn credit back on your donations and other qualifying purchases. Your grants are used by Kiva to help entrepreneurs around the world to finance their businesses. While there is no guarantee that you will your funds back, Kiva foundation has a great reputation in working with entrepreneurs from around the world to get your funds back, and they have a high success rate in that.

Advanta Kiva card has all the features of Kiva business card. The extremely lucrative introductory offer is one of the best in the market for arbitrage masters. The card’s APR is relatively low at 7.99%. There is no annual fee. Advanta does charge a 3% balance transfer fee, which is standard with arbitrage cards. While Kiva is designed for a great cause, it does not offer enough features to be your only rewards credit card. It is a niche credit card that works for some folks, but if you are looking for a rewards-rich consumer credit card, you should look elsewhere.

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