Leasing With Bad Credit

Have you been turned down for a lease based on having credit problems?

You're not alone.

Many people don't realize that leasing is more difficult to obtain with bad credit than a car loan is. The good news is though, you can get a lower car payment if you have bad credit without having to try to get approved for a lease. You can get a great auto loan online, even with horrible credit, and the payments will be excellent in comparison to what you're probably offered at a car dealership.

Car dealers like to think that they have the ultimate authority when it comes to car finance. They don't. They are nothing more than a middle man between you and the lenders. You don't need a middle man to get your car loan and in fact, you'll save money if you deal directly.

Wanting to lease a car to get a lower payment is natural. It seems like the best way to go so you can save money. It's a bad option if you've got bad credit because the money factor, which is just like an interest rate, used to calculate your monthly payments will be high. You're better off using a traditional car loan, through an unconventional lender.

There are lenders online that specialize in helping people in your situation. Regardless of repossessions, foreclosures or bankruptcy, it's very possible that you can get approved for a bad credit auto loan at a much better payment than you can for a lease.

Source by Jason Lanier

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